Industrial washing machine inner tube leakage water treatment

- Nov 01, 2017-

When the industrial washing machine is used for a period of time or because of other factors, the internal cylinder (bile) will be leaking problem. The problem of leakage directly caused by the failure of the machine is not normal use, false in time may also cause the expansion of leaks and serious problems of rust. What should we do when the inner cylinder of an industrial washer leaks?

Industrial washing machine inner tube leaking

First of all, we should find the leakage point of the inner cylinder of the industrial washing machine, and observe the actual leakage, and confirm that it is caused by welding or other reasons. For the leakage of light or not serious removal of the first use of the sealant under the plastic treatment, if it can solve the best, the need for welding treatment.

For industrial washing machine of the internal cylinder of the welding, because of its material is stainless steel, so in the electrode selection we go to choose stainless Steel electrode, at the same time should entrust professional welder welding treatment, so as to avoid welding bad or welding is not secure, the interval time welding place and the problem of off welding. At the same time in the welding time should consider the convenience of the operation, to see whether the counterweight will be removed, or the internal bile removed, in order to avoid the deviation. And we should also observe the actual situation of the rupture, the choice is from the outside or the internal welding. And before welding should be done to clean up work to prevent welding is not strict.

In general, the industrial washing machine inside the tube leakage point is quite a lot, but the causes are mostly caused by welding or rupture. The actual solution is through the glass glue or the welding process, it can not solve the problem can also contact manufacturers to purchase the cylinder to replace the whole cylinder, or the machine back to the plant processing and commissioned by professional technicians to deal with.