Industrial washing machinery equipment reached its heyday

- Nov 01, 2017-

The world's industrial washing machinery and equipment has developed to a heyday, with the development of basic devices into the High-tech stable production period, the study of washing mechanics has a new breakthrough, in order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of environmental protection, countries continue to introduce high-quality industrial washing equipment.

Dry-cleaning Machine products to the application of multiple solvents and green environment-friendly development, products using high-quality stainless steel manufacturing, automatic computer control, full-featured, superior performance, the appearance of luxurious beauty, to foreign manufacturers the latest fifth-generation fully closed dry cleaning machine For example, the main performance indicators are, the solvent consumption of 1%, washing cycle of 25 minutes, Environmental pollution degree <25ppm, equipped with double filtration, double recovery system, distillation box automatic cleaning system, vacuum washing system and other advanced settings.

Laundry equipment washing machine products to improve stability and energy-saving development, products using anti-corrosion stainless steel materials manufacturing, suspension damping structure, products from the small and medium-sized washing off-line and the continuous washing integrated system mainly to Germany PSSA company as the representative of the P50-12 integrated continuous washing system, including a qualified conveyor, A continuous washing machine, a hydraulic stripping machine, a shuttle conveyor and 4 blower-type dryer, by a computer integrated control, the formation of automatic laundry washing center, an hour can handle clothing 1200 kg is a contemporary integrated automatic washing production line typical representative, its water consumption is only $number liters/kg, That is, each washing 1 kg of clothing water consumption only $number liters, than the ordinary single wash offline save water 60~75%.

Ironing machine products towards the three-dimensional and side heating development, a single ironing machine almost all using a three-dimensional ironing structure, the large-scale ironing machine uses the side heat structure, takes the German Italian company's trough type Double roller ironing machine As an example, the machine ironing speed is $number m/min, the ironing tube diameter φ800, the double drum structure, uses hangs the wall reducer directly to drag, Elastic heat felt drum, central suction, inverter stepless speed regulation, simple structure, the appearance of luxurious and generous, reliable, no steam dust pollution, consumption of 200 kg per hour (when the steam pressure 0.64mpa) only for the direct-heat ironing machine consumption of 60%.

Washing machine dryer products, to recycle duct energy-saving products, intelligent control, to Germany Bowe company 20 kg energy-saving dryer For example, the product uses axial circulation duct, computer humidity automatic control, can automatically dry clothes to the required humidity (moisture content), in order to carry out subsequent ironing work. Drying period is about 30, drying evaporation 1 kilograms of water required steam consumption of 0.8~1 kg is only the common exhaust air drying machine $number. is a typical high-efficiency energy-saving dryer.

Folding machine products toward high-precision, low noise, automatic direction of development, to the German Italian company's automatic folding machine For example, the product appearance is exquisite, the use of computer automatic control, ironing machine automatic machine, photoelectric automatic measurement long, pneumatic folding, can single channel or 4 channel automatic folding, automatic classification transmission. With high-voltage pulse quiet electrical device. Folding accuracy up to ±5mm, the maximum folding speed of up to 40 meters per minute.

Washing machinery auxiliary machinery products, to transport machinery for representatives are using computer automatic control, high-precision positioning, stable transmission, and with automatic ranging, weighing and other functions, the rest of a variety of ironing platform, to the table, the appearance of exquisite, reliable work, not enumerated in this.