New technology of Industrial dewatering machine and its safe use

- Nov 01, 2017-

Temperature refrigeration

When the rotor rotates at high speed, the air friction is heated, the rotor temperature rises, and the sample temperature in the test tube increases. Because biological samples are sensitive to temperature. It is generally required that the temperature remain 4 ℃ in centrifuge experiments. Without computer-controlled intelligent technology, it is impossible to achieve ±1℃ precision. Therefore, the cooling of the centrifugal cavity is achieved by refrigerating the cooling rotor and cooling sample temperature. However, it is very difficult to measure the actual temperature of rotor in rotating, at home and abroad, the temperature sensor is used in the bottom of the centrifugal cavity and the rotor temperature is measured indirectly. Here T sample =t cavity t compensation. T compensation is related to the type, rotational speed and running time of the rotor.

Three, brushless motor Direct drive

The industrial dewatering machine is rotated by the motor with the rotor at high speed. The past motor is a carbon brush DC motor, industrial dehydration machine running carbon brush wear and tear, bring sparks and noise and even vibration, and have life expectancy, then to replace the carbon brush omnipotent operation. More serious is carbon brush wear and tear to bring about the pollution of carbon dust, not only pollute the industrial dehydration machine, but also pollute the surrounding environment, this pollution is not suitable for the health industry.

IV. Display digital technology

The typical manifestation of the simulation technique is to twist the knob to select the operating parameters (such as rotational speed, temperature and time) to display the data with the dial pointer. The disadvantage is: the number of parameters and data read by the operator and reading human interference, control accuracy is poor. And this is true for each operation, with poor repeatability. Some industrial dehydration machine although the digital display (such as the knob selected value and digital display), although the reading has improved, but the principle of value is still a simulation technology; The typical manifestation of digital display is interface friendly, keyboard operation, digital display, programmable computer control, and its core is intelligent control, which is realized by computer. Industrial dehydration machine operation requires all parameters (such as rotational speed, temperature, time, speed, etc.), keyboard input, and digital display, so the choice of operation parameters and reading error is very small. Also because is the programmable operation, can put a set of operation parameter into the number, can access use.