The reason why the industrial washing machine keeps pouring water

- Nov 01, 2017-

reasons for water injection in industrial washing machine you know what? Industrial washing machine has two simple steps are well known, that is, access, drainage, these two steps are through the solenoid valve to control, which led to water washing machine to keep the phenomenon of what is the reason?

1, drain valve leakage: the inlet valve and the drainage valve are interrelated, when the drainage valve is kept water at the same time and the level sensor does not feel the water, it will be uninterrupted water, the fault parts of the leakage of the main washing bucket cracks, washing shaft oil seals bad, the front hole sealing ring aging, drainage valve sealing lax and other factors.

2. Inlet VALVE FAILURE: inlet valve failure is a relatively common small problem, the phenomenon of inlet valve failure is: When the power supply after the inlet valve to continue to water, power after the water valve can not be automatically closed, the main reason for this failure is the valve core spring failure, the solution is to change the spring.

3, Water meter failure: The water meter is the name of the sensor is a kind of, simple to say is the detection of water level of an instrument, in the industrial washing machine inside already has a good design procedure, when the water level reached a predetermined degree, then the program will issue the corresponding instructions, then the intake valve will stop sending water, On the other hand will keep water, inlet valve kept water in addition to the above-mentioned fault, is the water level meter problem, then the water level meter failure is mainly due to water level pressure switch fault. Check the water level pressure switch can be blown by air pressure, that is, in the case of no power, through the back to the pressure switch blowing gas with a multimeter to measure the water level switch between the two wiring resistance, blowing when the resistance is zero, not blowing when the resistance is greater than 10kω, such as the resistance value is always approaching 0 or very large and can not hear the water level switch inside the action sound, Indicates that the water level pressure switch fails and should be replaced.

4, air leakage failure: industrial washing machine leakage failure is now to return to the trachea and the bottom of the water cylinder has a leakage situation, if there is a leakage of gas, please replace the trachea and connectors.