Use and maintenance of industrial washing machines

- Nov 01, 2017-

With the development of society, washing machinery has gradually entered the ordinary people's home, the market on the dry cleaning shop in the increasing, hospital, the washing shop has all entered the category of industrial washing machine, this trend is still increasing, but also to me to raise an urgent question, That is the washing machine how to maintain and maintenance? How to use the washing machine correctly? To this end, we simply introduce the maintenance, maintenance and use of washing machinery:

First in maintenance and maintenance:

1 in the environment of the industrial washing machine to keep the environment in the dry bath!

2 It is best to use a piece of cloth to cover it to avoid dust entry.

3 as far as possible after the washing machinery placement to avoid internal mechanical damage

Second, how to use the washing machine correctly

1 in the laundry should choose the appropriate water, water temperature, washing liquid concentration

2 before washing, it is best to buckle the jacket, pull the zipper so that washing and add clean

3 dehydration time should meet the needs of different fabrics do not arbitrarily extended time

As long as we take the above requirements so that everyone can guarantee the service life of washing machine and can have better washing effect!