Automatic Installation Of Water Intake And Drainage System Requirements

- Nov 01, 2017-

First, automatic washing of off-line water installation requirements

1, cold, hot water pipe should be separate manual valve control, easy to maintain the equipment;

2, must have a certain supply pressure, too low pressure water valve, drainage valve is not open;

3. Automatic washing of off-line inlet pipe and external water supply pipe to connect the application of durable hose, to avoid the equipment vibration to the pipeline caused by noise and leakage;

4, automatic washing off-line water should be installed on the front of the filter, lest impurities into the cold water valve plug valve;

5, in the part of the higher water pressure, you can install broken gas balance valve to avoid the occurrence of water hammer phenomenon caused by noise;

6, when there is no independent hot water supply, you can automatically wash the hot and cold water in the offline inlet water supply;

7, all pipelines in the connection to automatic washing should be open before the water valve discharge 2 minutes, the pipeline impurities out, so as not to plug the control valve inside the equipment.

II. Automatic cleaning of off-line drainage installation requirements

1, the drainage pipe installation, must ensure that the total drainage pipe has enough water cut area, so that more than washing equipment at the same time discharge smoothly;

2, the drainage pipe installation, should increase the atmospheric balance tube, avoids produces the siphon;

3, to the rigid support automatic washing off-line, between the drainage pipe and equipment finally added a hose to avoid conduction vibration;

4, the drainage ditch installation, should increase the gate cover, to avoid operators fall or contact harmful chemical waste liquid;

5, the sewage before entering the drainage pipe to install the filter net;

6, the water quality is not good place, need to add softener.