Automatic Off-line Operation Is Still A Small Problem

- Nov 01, 2017-

Do not because the automatic cleaning off-line operation simply underestimate it, to know that if you do not comply with the rules to cause the problem is very dangerous, so we have to operate the operator to educate the method to increase the use of security.

The correct operation method of automatic washing off-line has the following points:

1, liquid detergent through the equipment of the SOAP tank directly to join, prohibit the front door with soap liquid.

2, when the automatic washing off-line operation and heating, the opening of the soap tank door to avoid steam or water scald.

3. It is forbidden to extend the hand or other object into the roller cage before fully automatic washing off-line. This can cause serious damage.

4, the static operation of the Super shock switch is damaged or dismantled automatic washing off-line, if the machine load is seriously unbalanced, due to the super shock, will cause serious personal injury and wash off-line itself damage.

5, before each washing cycle, the solid detergent must be diluted with water into the soap liquid box, prohibit in automatic wash off-line in the washing process and then add soap, the best time to put the soap is water, before heating.