Automatic Washing And Off-line Washing For Different Material Fabrics

- Nov 01, 2017-

Cloth Grass Textile fiber variety, divided into natural fibers and chemical fiber two kinds. These fibers in the treatment, only the washing staff to the textile fiber has a certain understanding to understand its performance, in order to have enough knowledge to identify the stains. The following is to say that all types of fabrics automatic washing offline washing cloth using which raw materials washing:

Cotton Fabric: acid and alkali performance is better, can be used to bleach, chlorine bleaching, but too thick chlorine bleaching will cause its local damage.

Hemp Fabric: acid and alkali are not sensitive, in the low concentration of bleaching liquid can be used color bleaching or chlorine bleaching.

Silk fabric: Light resistance to the sun is easy to yellowing, silk fabrics in the weak acid is relatively stable, acidic and alkaline solution will be hydrolyzed. Therefore, silk fabrics are only suitable for neutral and weak acid properties, if the silk class with oxidant treatment will yellowing, ironing requirements water content 25%-35%, can be ironed on the opposite side.

Wool fiber: Light resistance is not easy to insolation, easy to yellow, in the acid is more stable, can not use color drift and chlorine bleaching otherwise will yellowing.

Viscose: Can not use oxygen bleaching, chlorine bleaching, reducing agent otherwise damaged fabric. Acetic acid and copper ammonia fiber, acidic, oxygen bleaching, chlorine bleaching can not be used.

polyamide fiber, Cotton LUN: cannot use chlorine bleaching otherwise will yellowing, if need can use low concentration of oxygen bleaching.