High Quality Wash Off-line Should Be Required

- Nov 01, 2017-

1, wash off-line should have the function of washing, stripping, drying and so on, the dirty laundry to wash offline after washing, after washing, become dry, clean clothes.

2, wash off-line should have washing solvent filtration purification, dirty accidental that estimated distillation regeneration function, so as to save as much as possible the cost of washing, and effective to ensure the washing quality of clothing.

3, wash off-line should have a good solvent recovery capacity, to be able to effectively recover the fabric after washing residual solvents, so as to minimize the consumption of washing solvents.

4, wash off-line should have good sealing performance, so that will not make staff this and the environment caused harm and pollution.

5, Wash off-line electrical control system to be safe and reliable, so that can effectively complete the washing process.

6, Wash off-line design to be reasonable, the Organization should be compact, energy consumption to be as low as possible, but also easy maintenance.