Isolated Wash Offline Quality Determines The Durability Of The Use

- Nov 01, 2017-

First, for the isolated washing off-line, the quality is different from the performance, the quality is said to be its failure rate, the service life of the long, and its performance is the washing production performance is good or bad. So, the performance is not necessarily good quality. and other users know, the isolation of the quality of off-line washing, depending on the material selection of sophisticated, manufacturing process precision, production equipment, such as the excellent situation.

Second, the isolation of the quality of offline washing determines the durability of the use, and for consumers, most of them want to buy a better quality of the segregated cleaning offline. In that case, in view of the current market situation, the isolation of the quality of washing off-line which brand is good?

Third, so for the isolation of the quality of the off-line which brand is good to say, we have to go through a constant comparison to learn. This comparison has the factory production strength comparison, each brand product parts selection, the Production craft application difference and so on. such as parts selected, inverter, motor, bearings, water seals, valves these components are all separate parts of the necessary to wash off-line, and for these components, the main difference is to look at the supplier, for example, the same power of the inverter, the import brand is more sensitive than our domestic brand response, Lower failure rates and longer service life.

Four, again for example production process application, the current isolation washes off-line mostly uses the entire suspension structure, but the actual assembly of different manufacturers, but there is a great difference, some manufacturers only use ordinary springs, and some manufacturers are using spring Gartini damping mode, and then, for example, each type of isolation washing off-line to enhance its stable fixed, will be used counterweight, Some manufacturers use the cast iron, and some manufacturers are using concrete.

Five, so two products in the quality of natural will have a greater difference.

Again, for example, in the application of production equipment, for the isolation of washing offline, whether it is the casing or the inner cylinder, or the fuselage frame is the factory welded assembled, so that the sophisticated production equipment will be produced by the precision of the processing of parts and components, as a common example, the same inner cylinder, One-time molding and dynamic balance detection is more smooth, more stable and better quality than manual welding and not detected.