Laundry Equipment

- Feb 27, 2018-

Laundry room refers to a business model that provides clothes washing services exclusively to the public. Laundry service providers transform their product systems, service systems, technical systems, brand systems (including trademarks and trade names) into service-oriented forms into Clean clothes to wear again to extend the service life of clothing to protect the beautiful appearance, so that more people enjoy clean, neat clothes.

A. Dry cleaning

1, the world's top green closed equipment, non-phosphorus washing.

Automatic Vertical Suspension Frequency Elution washing machine

Automatic Vertical Suspension Frequency Elution washing machine

2, different fabrics to take a different way of washing, to maximize the maintenance of fabrics.

3, washing more easily, environmental protection and health.

4,30min fast laundry, pick up one hour.

B. Water Washed

1, automatic suspension, frequency-type finishing equipment.

2, professional washing auxiliary cleaning agent, carefully care of fabric fibers.

3, in-depth removal of fiber interior stains.

4, disinfection, sterilization, make people wear more healthy.

C. Professional stains

1,8 kinds of the most advanced scouring technology.

2, four-step method to remove all kinds of dirt, stubborn stains.

3, pigment stains method, does not damage the clothing fabric.

D. iron

1, according to the latest trend of plastic clothing requirements, professional manual finishing ironing.

2, portrait stereotypes ironing machine.

E. Disinfection

1, wash before disinfection, to prevent cross-infection of clothing.

2, after washing disinfection, ultraviolet light plus ozone completely kill harmful bacteria.

F. Packaging

Beautiful, beautiful folding package, distinct levels, three-dimensional appearance, proper protection of washing clothes to prevent further pollution.

G. Other services

1, carefully weave: senior expert hands-on operation, the international popular trimming rules, high quality, efficient, fast, reasonable fees.

2, accessories added: Famous accessories, carefully matching, Seiko supplement, and strive to perfect.

3, fabric dyeing: professional dyeing and finishing equipment; overall color, dyeing treatment; local dyeing repair.

4, leather cleaning care: the United States leather care materials and nursing techniques. Smooth surface, suede / frosted, fur one, carefully hand-washing / professional dry cleaning and maintenance, fat treatment, color processing, feel processing, light treatment, closed treatment; crack repair, repair, color change.