Mistaken Use Of Industrial Washing Machine

- Nov 01, 2017-

1, do not classify before washing

Because of the different types of stains from the laundry, the clothing linen should be sorted before cleaning, in particular, the cloth grass stains, can be described as different, in the cleaning must be classified, otherwise it will cause the interaction between the cloth grass pollution, but also according to cloth grass material, color and so on classification, Therefore, everyone in the use of industrial washing machine cloth grass washing, should be in the premise of ensuring the quality of linen, the correct classification, especially the hall and room linen must be cleaned separately.

2, excessive washing volume

The washing capacity of general industrial washing machines is controlled at Two-thirds of the rated washing capacity. Sometimes because the cleaning of the material more, many washing staff will fill the industrial washing machine material, resulting in cloth grass can not be fully stirred, and then affect the quality of cloth grass cleaning. Not only that, the washing volume is too large, will cause the industrial washing machine's motor to produce the heavy load, this will reduce the industrial washing machine service life.

3, the water temperature is too high or too low

Many people will mistakenly think that when the cloth grass washing, the water temperature is high enough to decontamination, but it is not so, in addition, the water temperature is too low, will cause the detergent is very difficult to dissolve, clothing dirt also difficult to clear, so the general use of industrial washing machine washing, It is best to keep the water temperature between 60 and 70 degrees.

4, industrial washing machine cleaning work is not timely

The long-term use of industrial washing machines, there will be a lot of residual bacteria and dirt, if after the cleaning of materials, will affect the quality of washing. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the industrial washing machine regularly, just like you do in the bath, long do not bathe, there will be a lot of dirt and bacteria, industrial washing machine is the same.

5, ignoring the cleaning of the drains

One of the things that many people do very easily is to use industrial washing machines without cleaning the drains, and once the drains are clogged, it will not only affect the washing work, but also the safety problems. Regular cleaning of drains, is also to ensure that the quality of the washing material. So this five myths should be remembered.