Operating Procedures For Industrial Washing Machines

- Nov 01, 2017-

Safety precautions:

1.washing drum between the shell should not fall into the debris.

2. After the door of the washing roller is closed, it is necessary to check whether the elastic door pins are in the buckle, and the door of the roller is strictly forbidden to run.

3. Do not add detergent or other unprocessed washing items directly to the washing material.

4. do not wash the washing machine with water, lest the electrical parts damp damage.

5. the external door of the machine has a switch chain device, the outer door must be closed to start the drum.

Washing machine operation method:

1.the power switch brake to "open" position, power supply.

2. press the electric switch to observe the window, so that the rolling box to move the door upward, open the door, the need to wash the fabric into the cylinder, close the door to remove the elastic door lock entry buckle, close the doors.

3. inject appropriate amount of water, this can fully soak the fabric, clockwise rotation timer, the fabric pre-washing five minutes, close the timer.

4. open the outside door, will be dissolved detergent into the washing machine (do not need to open the drum door), each kilogram of fabric need detergent $number grams, the general washing time of 30 minutes can be.

5. if need to add wet washing can be a little open steam valve, heating humidity general control in 60 ℃ below.

6. washing finished, open exhaust valve, drained sewage, close the drainage valve into the water rinse, rinse times generally 2-3 times.

7. each class work finished, must be in the box water, cut off power.