Three Advantages Of Automatic Washing Off-line And Efficient Washing

- Nov 01, 2017-

1, efficient to stain:

The basic function of automatic off-line washing is to wash the clothes. In order to remove the stain stains, blood stains, pigment stains, protein stains and other stains on the washing clothing, modern washing equipment uses the scientific mechanical washing way to cooperate with the detergent, which can effectively remove stains on the clothing, thus guaranteeing the washing quality of the clothing;

2, protect the laundry:

Different from the traditional hand-washing method, automatic wash off-line washing method is to use mechanical operation to achieve the separation of stains, its clothing washing large environment is in the automatic washing offline solvents, limited moisture can effectively prevent the fabric of clothing to produce swelling, thus effectively protecting clothing does not occur deformation. In addition, the scientific mode of operation, not only can effectively wash the clothes, but also will not cause the clothing between the appearance of staining. However, in order to ensure the high quality of clothing washing, the strength of the net or recommend the fade clothes separate washing;

3, energy-saving and efficient:

The traditional hand-washing method not only waste a lot of human resources, at the same time, the unreasonable washing way will cause the waste of water, and automatic washing off-line appearance is a good solution to this problem. Automatic wash off-line large capacity design concept, so that the amount of washing can be greatly increased, in addition, the scientific design, so that clothing in order to ensure the cleaning rate under the premise of the greatest degree of reduction in the use of water and electricity, this can save a small amount of money.