What Effect Does The Drum Size Of Industrial Washing Machine Have On Washing?

- Nov 01, 2017-

1, industrial washing machines for factories, schools, hotels and other places is a necessity, because these places are more people to wash the demand. Washing for industrial washing machine is the basic requirement is the production of mechanical force, industrial washing machine in the drum washing machine is through the rotation of the drum, and then the laundry to be washed to a certain height after the fall to produce mechanical force.

2, then the size of the mechanical force is determined by the washing of clothing in the process of potential energy, that is, the washing of clothing in the rotation of the rollers in the process of the gap, the larger the gap, the better the effect of washing. In general, if the diameter of the drum is larger, then the washing of clothing produced by the gap will be greater, so that the more conducive to clean the effect. Conversely, if the diameter of the drum is smaller, the first objective material produced by the gap will be reduced, but to have a larger coefficient of filling, to achieve the same washing effect, the need to investigate is the washing unit weight of clothing needs more space.

3, in order to be able to make the washed clothes evenly distributed, some industrial washing machine will use the partition roller divided into two warehouses or three warehouses, so washed clothes will be installed in each warehouse, also equivalent to the diameter of the rollers to be reduced to about one-second, so as to greatly shorten the washing clothing, will also reduce the rated capacity of the machine, This will cause its washing effect is much less than the effect of no clapboard.

4, the washing effect in addition to the diameter of the rollers, but also to reduce the roller diameter ratio (drum length and the ratio of roller diameter), the greater the length-diameter ratio is to the washing effect, but in a certain range its effect is not obvious, in fact, the choice of the length-diameter ratio is limited by the machine structure, considering the force of the machine , the roller for the cantilever support of the washer's long diameter is generally smaller, the drum for the simple support of the support of the industrial washing machine long diameter is generally relatively large.